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About Claire



I create jewellery to be treasured. Jewellery is personal, it is deeply sentimental. I still have the first strand of pearls my parents bought me for my graduation. I have the sterling silver men's bracelet that my dad wore when he was alive. It is this sentiment that inspires me to create pieces that have meaning and will be cherished by others.

Travel has always played a big part of my life. Seeing the world through different cultures has become part of my ethos thanks to my parents. When I was only 18 months of age my family packed up everything and moved to the tropical paradise of Fiji, then to an emerging Singapore with my father's work. Travelling regularly to Europe with my family, these memories and experiences have deep meaning for me.  I have a very fond memory of myself and my 3 sisters each receiving a gold medallion necklace on one trip abroad, my Mum buying jade bead bracelets at the markets, or on a holiday in Greece Mum carefully choosing a turquoise necklace. For me these are priceless keepsakes that I cherish dearly.  

I treasure these memories with all my heart. These experiences have shaped my design philosophy.  And it is this sentimentality I hope to create and share with you.  Cherish the moments with loved ones, be in the moment.


Much love  

Claire Aristides