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Valentine's Day Ring Style Guide

Posted by Magda Liacopoulos on



The Infini Diamond Eternity ring is the ultimate eternity band. 

This Classic design is available in rose, yellow, white gold and black diamonds. Shop now LITTLE DARLINGS

Little Darlings Diamonds available in rose, yellow and white gold. 

A diamond to represent each of your loves. Shop now


.62ct Diamond Eternity Ring features 10 round brilliant diamonds individually set with a scalloped shared claw setting. 

A forever piece available in white and yellow gold. Shop now


Belle Diamond Eternity Band is some serious bling! 

This beauty features 7 Round Brilliant Diamonds, with a total carat weight 1.01 carat. Shop now

Bands of Gold Collection: The new Beam Rose gold band is modern band with a twist. 

Contact Us to place your order. 

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