Grace Heart Bracelet 2021

Grace Heart Bracelet 2021

30th May 2021

Each year our founder Claire Aristides creates a heart bracelet called the Grace Heart Bracelet.  When Claire's daughter was born she required life-saving surgery for a congenital … read more

'In the Loupe' with Kaye Scott

29th Oct 2018

 IN THE LOUPE... with Kaye ScottIf you’re skin obsessed, then you need Kaye Scott in your life —one of Australia’s leading skin experts and co-founder of Sydney’s most prestigious cosmetic practi … read more

Ear Candy Looks

28th Jun 2018

E A R  C A N D YThe ear candy combinations you need to know about...A Touch of Black: Make a statement with black diamonds and the perfect set is the Mia Black Diamond Hoops in yellow g … read more