Black Diamonds

1st Mar 2015

Some people believe that they are meteorites that fell to earth. Mysterious and out of this world …. Black Diamonds.

I've been attracted to 
these black beauties for some time, and have been slowly creating many of my most treasured designs with black diamonds … it's been an exciting process (more on that later!) …So what are black diamonds? And how and why do they differ from white diamonds.  

Black Diamonds, are real diamonds filled with dark inclusions, and what I find absolutely fascinating about black diamonds is this 'solid' colour.  Technically, the crystal structure of the black diamond actually absorbs most of the light that enters it, whereas white colorless diamonds reflect the light that enters the diamond.

Black diamonds are real diamonds, but their unique crystal structure means they interact with light in the opposite way to white diamonds.  Their beauty lies in their own unique makeup. 

Mix Diamonds and Black Diamonds

 There is a certain yin and yang to mixing the two diamonds together, I love seeing the bright white of white diamonds with the deep, dark black diamond. It is a powerful pairing.

Black Diamond Xanadu Ring

Do not think that black diamonds are diamonds that have very low diamond clarity.  The clarity grades that we use to grade a white diamond do not apply when grading black diamonds.  It is said that if you really want a piece of history then purchase a black diamond because it may be as old as the solar system itself. 

Stay tuned for updates on my most loved pieces made with these stunning stones.  
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