20th Feb 2015

Bridesmaids…. thank you…

We are often asked by our Brides for help and suggestions on Bridesmaids Gifts…. it's such a thoughtful tradition -  a thank you gift to your bridesmaids/… 

Being a bridesmaid is an important position to have … your role is to be there for your Bride(or Bride-zilla - hey I was one hehehe!!!! ) in all the preparations… to be a sounding board for the many detailed decisions to be made in preparing for a wedding - which can seriously be very overwhelming...    

And of course, your role is very important on the actual day …  from obvious things like making sure your bride's train isn't dragged through any muddy patches or keeping Uncle Letch from getting too cosy… ! 


So what kind of gift and how much should you spend. My thoughts on this are simple - it is about the gesture. It is a gift that says thank you for all your support… and for being there for me ! Thankyou, you mean the world to me… 

Here are some gift ideas that I have put together that will definitely say THANK YOU to your Bridesmaids … and we have also created beautiful rose gold embossed custom thank you gift cards (pictured above & below) for you to write a special message to each maid.

Firstly, our Monogram Collection …. which truly speaks personalised and bespoke.   A Monogram Bracelet is a touching, thoughtful gift.  Available in yellow or white gold, with diamonds or without diamonds. View the Monogram Collection.

Diamond Monogram Bracelets

A symbolic piece, our Infinity Bracelets  are a meaningful gift to share. Delicate and sentimental, they say 'we are forever friends'.  Available in plain gold or with diamonds. 

Claire Aristides White Gold Infinity Bracelethttp://www.aristidesfinejewels.com/diamond-infinity-bracelet-rose-gold/

Simple and straight to the point - say 'I heart you'.. with a Heart Bracelet. 


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