Completely Charmed….

1st Feb 2015

Remember the Charm Bracelet… the bracelet that tells the story of your life.  Each charm symbolising a moment, a milestone, an achievement in your life.   I was so excited to be part of this sentimental adornment pictured below, creating a new piece to add to the collection. 

Friends of the lovely charm bracelet owner came to me… they wanted to give her a new Yellow Gold charm for her birthday, something that captured Sydney and Australia.  …  Their friend is from the USA and living in Sydney, so what better charm to give than the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Charm bracelets are little visual reminders of all the milestones in your life.   What a wonderful piece to own, to cherish. I know that this bracelet is irreplaceable for the lovely owner. A bracelet that began as a gift from her grandmother…. it's priceless, treasured and completely unique…  Charms are tactile, they are different shapes and they clink and clank… all beautiful reminders of your life… from 21st luck … learning to ice skate… trips to Paris. Memories that belong only to you. 

I was thrilled to be a small part of this lovely story.  Do you have a piece of jewellery that's just as sentimental to you.