Diamond Tennis Bracelet : Love All

10th Apr 2017

The name "tennis bracelet" arose after an incident at the 1987 U.S. Open Tennis Championships involving tennis champion Chrissy Evert.   

Chrissy was wearing an 'in-line diamond' bracelet and while playing one of her vigorous matches, her bracelet slipped off her wrist. She requested to suspend the match until she found her bracelet, with viewers watching the televised search for her valuable diamond bracelet.  The incident sparked a craze, and the bracelet became known as the ‘diamond tennis bracelet’. Many tennis stars to this day (i.e Serena Williams) continue to wear diamond tennis bracelets on the court.

It’s not hard to understand why the diamond tennis bracelet is such a sought after piece. The beauty of the bracelet lies within its delicate design featuring a thin symmetrical pattern of diamonds.  

The tennis bracelet is a significant purchase and we find it's a also a celebratory piece of jewellery - from anniversaries, birthdays, wedding gifts... or definitely a 'treat yourself' piece!

“I am currently making a special diamond tennis bracelet for a customer who is planning to give his partner the bracelet on the morning of their wedding day... so sweet and sentimental,” says Aristides.

And an absolute winner styled with other delicate diamond bracelets.

White gold arm candy // 1 carat White Gold Diamond Tennis bracelet layered with Diamond White Bar and Petite Diamond Solitaire bracelets.

And after many requests, we created the Diamond Tennis Bracelet in Yellow Gold.

Yellow gold tennis mix // Yellow Gold Diamond Tennis bracelet layered with Petite Diamond Solitaire and Petite Heart bracelets.

Visit our current collection of Diamond Tennis Bracelets online at http://www.aristidesfinejewels.com/diamond-tennis-bracelets/

Our Diamond Tennis bracelets can be custom made in an array of diamond carats and diamond sizes in both yellow and white gold. 

Please contact us for quotations on different diamond and gold carat weights.

Love All.