'In the Loupe' with Kaye Scott

29th Oct 2018

 IN THE LOUPE... with Kaye Scott

If you’re skin obsessed, then you need Kaye Scott in your life —one of Australia’s leading skin experts and co-founder of Sydney’s most prestigious cosmetic practice, The Clinic. Dublin-born, Sydney-based Scott co-founded The Clinic when she recognised a need for high level clinical care, experience and service in skin care. 19 years on, The Clinic has not only built an exceptionally loyal clientele base, but one that would rival any red carpet with some of Australia’s most recognisable names and talents regulars at the Sydney clinic.

Q&A with Kaye Scott

We visited Scott in her happy place — the company’s beautiful clinic in Bondi Junction overlooking the city’s east — to find out more about her less is more approach to both skincare and jewellery, and why a diligent skincare routine is the secret to wearing your jewellery well.

AFJ: How would you describe your jewellery collection in three words?

KS: Classic, timeless and elegant.

AFJ: What was the first piece of jewellery that you ever owned?

KS: My first piece of jewellery would have been a gold cross from my communion. Unfortunately, I don’t have it anymore as a lot of my possessions got lost after moving countries!

AFJ: What pieces of jewellery do you wear every single day?

KS: I wear my Cartier bracelet, my watch and my engagement and wedding rings.

AFJ: What is your most sentimental piece of jewellery?

KS: My engagement ring — I’ve never, ever taken it off except when I had my children.

Tennis bracelet

Left:  Diamond Tennis Bracelet 1.00 carat, and Oria Gold Hoops and an array of Aristides Fine Jewels rings

Right: Kaye wears her engagement ring and Diamond Tennis Bracelet 1.00 carat

AFJ: Do you have any memorable stories about either gifting or receiving jewellery?

KS: I’m all about tradition with family and friends and every year with one of my best friends we have a Christmas get-together with our kids and we decide on a beautiful gift idea for both our sons and daughters. One year, we gifted Aristides Fine Jewels diamond monogram initial bracelets to our daughters and they all still wear them today because they love the sentimentality of the event.

AFJ: What item of jewellery are you buying next?

KS: Aristides Fine Jewels tennis bracelet.

AFJ: Pearls, diamonds or gemstones?

KS: Diamonds.

AFJ: White gold, yellow gold or rose gold?

KS: White.

AFJ: Costume or keepsake?

KS: A bit of both.

AFJ: What are your top tips for caring for your hands and décolletage — the places we wear jewellery?

KS: I think the hands and décolletage are the most ignored parts of the body. I would say to most women that you need to extend your skincare past your chin — not necessarily the same routine as the skin is a lot more sun damaged and a lot more exposed. It’s a boring tip, but the best thing to do is use sunblock — if you do anything, apply 50+ sunblock. Most women don’t do this and most women don’t realise how bad the sun damage is until it’s too late. I would say, sunblock, sunblock, sunblock — there are so many different sunblock options now so there is no excuse.

AFJ: What are your top sun care tips?

KS: Find the sunblock that suits you. Everyone is obsessed these days with active ingredients, however active ingredients are just reversing sun damage. My top tip is to find a sunblock that you love that you’re happy to wear every day and that you won’t leave the house without. There is no best sunblock — we have sunblock that ranges from $25 to $150 and sometimes you need two in your cosmetic wardrobe for different occasions — one for exercising outdoors or going to the beach and one you are happy to wear daily.

AFJ: What beauty product could you not live without?

KS: The Cleansing Pad by The Clinic. We developed The Cleansing Pad because we wanted to create an easy way to take off your makeup. I travel a lot and that was my inspiration to develop something easy for cleansing because I hate using products on the plane that leak or leaves rubbish. I also wanted something that was parabens-free, preservatives-free and that looked beautiful as well. I also call it the “lazy cleanse” or the “drunk cleanse” because it does everything — makeup, lashes, fake lashes — so there is no excuse not to cleanse.

AFJ: What are your travel beauty essentials?

The Cleansing Pad by The Clinic; Societe Rejuvenating Peptide Mask; The Moisturiser by The Clinic and sometimes I take the Cosmedix Rescue+ Intense Hydrating Balm and Mask with me as well.

AFJ: What three items would you take on a deserted island?

KS: The Cleansing Pad by The Clinic, The Moisturiser by The Clinic and the Aspect Gold Envirostat Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 50.



Diamond Bar Necklace in White Gold 

Tennis bracelet

Diamond 2.41 Carat Tennis Bracelet in White Gold 


XO Earrings in White Gold