Love is // Adam & Jihee

11th Feb 2017

Valentine's Day... a universal celebration of love and romance. Aside from the roses, chocolates and champagne, it is a day to reflect on the utter gratitude and admiration we feel for those special people who brighten and strengthen our lives everyday through love and endless commitment.

We are celebrating Valentine's Day this year by recognising and celebrating couples who we have had the honour of assisting along their journey down the aisle.

// Meet Adam & Jihee

Adam knew he wanted rose gold and something completely different for Jihee's ring. After numerous drawings and meetings, we finally decided on a stunning Oval-cut diamond engagement ring set in 18k rose Gold with oval diamonds (2 x .05 carat diamonds either side).

When, and how did you meet each other?

We met at the Passage, Darlinghurst in 2012. It’s the classic old story of bartender spots girl, bartender persists with girl, girl giving in to agree on a date… leading to happy ever after.

Love is .... ? Tell us what love means you to you?

Adam: Sunday morning snoozes with my 2 best friends, my wife and our dog Bruce.

Jihee: Unconditional friendship and our doggy Bruce. Bruce is love.

What do you love most about your partner?

Adam: I love everything about Jihee.

Jihee: I love Adam’s kindness and that we can be truely comfortable with each other.

Wedding Date and Wedding location?

6.11.16 - Paperbark Camp Jervis Bay

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Claire’s jewellery has been a big feature in our relationship. Both our wedding rings are from Claire and Adam designed Jihee’s engagement with Claire. Lots of anniversaries have been celebrated with gifts purchased from Claire.. hopefully many more to come!