Love is // Andrew & Rachel

11th Feb 2017

Valentine's Day... a universal celebration of love and romance. Aside from the roses, chocolates and champagne, it is a day to reflect on the utter gratitude and admiration we feel for those special people who brighten and strengthen our lives everyday through love and endless commitment.

We are celebrating Valentine's Day this year by recognising and celebrating couples who we have had the honour of assisting along their journey down the aisle.

// Meet Andrew and Rachel

Andrew had his heart set on the Firenze Duo ring set in yellow gold... a ring for their anniversary. He ordered it months in advance to be sure he had in in time for their special day.

Firenze Duo Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold -

When, and how did you meet each other?

Andrew: We met in 1990 on the Gold Coast when Rachel was on family holidays. Both our parents knew each other well. It wasn't until 5 years later when Rachel sent me a card for my 20th birthday, that we connected again and started dating.

Love is .... ? Tell us what love means you to you!

Love is a commitment. It's valuable and worth sticking to. It's way more than feelings or romance.

What do you love most about your partner?!

Andrew: She is stunning, beautiful, caring, a great mother and amazing cook. But the thing I love most about her is the way she loves me unconditionally. 

Wedding Date and Wedding location?

We got married on January 25th,1997 - in Canberra.

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