Mother's Day Precious Moments… Elise & LouLou

27th Apr 2015

Meet Elise Pioch Balzac the very talented creator of Maison Balzaca range beautifully scented candles & skin care cream, inspired by her native France.  Elise is one of our beautiful mothers who shared her moments of motherhood and what it means to her. 

Elise & LouLou completely captured the essence of 'Celebrating Precious Moments' …. with this image which had to be our front cover.  The delightful LouLou is at that wonderful stage of exploring everything with adventure and curiosity.

Photographing LouLou and Elise was incredibly easy as their beautiful bond and affection for each other was so natural and loving.  LouLou completely captured everyone's heart on set!

How has LouLou changed your life?
She showed me that I could be a mother! I never planned to become a mum and it has been the best surprise of my entire life.

What moment makes you smile (or laugh out loud) the most? 
She makes me laugh out very loud when she imitates adults with her gorgeous metallic voice, small shoulders and tiny mouth. She is still a baby but wants to grow up so fast!


What memory of Lou Lou will stay with you forever?
The first kiss I gave her, 24hr after she was born. I will always remember the warmth, the pleasure of that kiss and the idea that I could repeat kissing her anytime, anywhere for a long time.

What are Lou Lou's favourites :
Sayings: C'est bonSongs: Twinkle Twinkle little star and Get Lucky/Daft Punk
Foods: Green peas and John Dory
Colours: PINK!
Story characters: Tchoupi (french cartoon) and Mr Happy (from Mr Men series) 

What does motherhood mean to you?
It's another dimension where things are unreal, unexpected, messy and full of love, always. 

- Merci to Elise & LouLou x


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