Precious Moments : Brenda, Milla & Viggo

2nd May 2015

Our next lovely mum is Brenda Briand. Brenda is the creator and designer of the impeccable luxury leather goods, Benah. When I met first met Brenda, I knew instantly this is someone with incredible warmth and sincerity and that's especially reflected in her two adorable children. So without further a due, let us introduce you to Brenda, Milla & Viggo.

How Has Milla Changed your Life?
Too many ways to mention and all for the better. After having Milla I am much more content and chilled out, which is kind of the opposite to what you expect. She is just an awesome little being who makes me live in the moment. Becoming a parent, of course your life changes, but the changes are amazing. Not only do you learn about this little person but also they teach you about yourself.

What do you love most about life since having two children with the addition of little Viggo?
I am just in awe of the power we have to create life. I’d have a tribe if I could.

Milla is just so in love with Viggo, she is so proud of him and wants to show him off at every opportunity. She is always singing to him and being a muma bear, always trying to help.

Viggo has just started to noticed his big sister. His eyes follow her around the room and she can calm him with a smile and a song. He’s in love with her already and seeing the bond grow from its infant stages is the cuteness thing, a precious memory I’ll keep forever.


What moments make you laugh out loud the most?
Milla's questions and her current view on life. Everything is met with a question right now."But why mummy, why?" … The innocents behind it is just so sweet, you just can not help but laugh when put on the spot

What memory of Milla will stay with you forever
So many memories! When she was born she was very alert and present from day dot, so ill always remember her on my chest and making eye contact for the first time and my husband and I telling her her name. That image is burnt into my brain.

What are Milla's favourite sayings?
Is it the weekend yet Mumma?’ and ‘But why?'

Every word comes out as a song these days… Perfect day by Lou Reed, Roar by Katie Perry, Purple Rain by Prince

Food :  Cupcakes
Colours: Pink, PINK and PINK
Story Characters: Batgirl, Snow White, Princess Leia and Rupunzel

What does motherhood mean to you?
So many things , but above all else, Its an honour

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