The Beauty of Black Diamonds …

29th Mar 2017

Black diamonds are one of the most mysterious yet popular gemstones on earth. Their enthralling dark beauty make them a prime gemstone for crafting unique and sentimental fine jewellery.

Historically, black diamonds have also been called ‘carbonados diamonds.’ Portuguese Brazilians devised this term in the mid 18th century due to the gemstone’s visual resemblance to porous charcoal. Black diamonds are found only in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Their striking dark colour symbolises authority and power.

The traditional properties associated with diamonds are action, passion, and energy. When worn, black diamonds are believed to enrich relationships, increasing inner strength and providing the wearer with balance, clarity and richness. Black diamonds help to eliminate certain deviations in aura by releasing pure love energy.

"It’s a modern stone, its got this mesmerising feel to it … dark and alluring and impossibly beautiful," says Aristides.

 Close up of our Black Diamond Infini + new Black Diamond Petite Band

The enthralling meanings and energies within magical black diamonds add to the beauty of the gemstone, making it a personalised jewel to treasure.

Black diamonds earned their prestigious recognition in 1996, when luxury jeweler Fawad Gruosi, later deemed the “king of black diamonds”, unveiled an innovative collection of black diamond jewelry and watches. Gruosi’s Swiss jewelry house De Grisogono grew to prominence as a result of this revolutionary collection - an awe-inspiring validation of the potential of this exotic gem!

Never enough black diamonds … stacked on the fingers are the Black Diamond Infini’s set in Rose Gold.

The versatility of black diamonds allows wearers to transform their look from subtle to striking.

“The contrast of a simple White Diamond Eternity band against a Black diamond band is effortless,” says Aristides, on mixing black diamonds.

Dreamy White and Black Diamond Infini’s in an array of golds

The artistic fusion of black and white diamonds can add instant cool and edge to your everyday jewellery style.

We’ve created a classic Diamond Bar necklace in Rose Gold and layered the white and black diamond styles together.

Our new Eclipse collection also celebrates black diamonds, with earrings and necklaces featured in an array of black diamonds and mixed golds.

Black Diamond Eclipse Necklace Yellow GoldBlack Diamond Eclipse Necklace White GoldBlack Diamond Eclipse White Gold EarringsBlack Diamond Eclipse Yellow Gold EarringsEclipse Collection

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From our Eclipse, Infini, Petite and Aeon collections, we are continually celebrating the rare beauty of the mysterious black diamond stone. View our entire Black Diamond Collection online.