The story of Bambino Diamonds

11th Nov 2014

With all the excitement of our search to find the cover baby face of our 2015 Bambino Diamonds collection… I thought I should explain the story behind this collection… and why it is so important to me. 

Firstly, it is a very sentimental and personal collection. I didn't plan to create such a collection, it was something that came about from a holiday to Europe!  Each year we try to get a Europe-fix and visit my husband's family in Italy … so when our son was born we took the long haul flight to see them. 
    It was an emotional trip as we had recently lost my husband's mother who was from Pescara, Italy.  


The seaside town of Pescara, Italy where we stay.     My son Enzo.

In true loving Italian style, they were just so sweet (feeding us pasta ALL the time), excited to see us and of course meet Enzo -  who was carried around, kissed, cuddled, hugged, pinched, kissed, cuddled, hugged… all day everyday for a week.

On our last day the family presented me with a beautiful box, and inside was a single solitaire diamond… at first I thought as someone who buys diamonds all the time, it was fun to actually receive a diamond myself.  I was so touched by them giving me something so precious and important.

Receiving this amazing and generous gift really took my breath away,  and of course got me thinking -  "what am I going to do with this for him" …. and so I decided to set the diamond into a diamond solitaire bracelet for him….and create a piece which will be become an heirloom, his very first diamond piece…


Diamond Solitaire Bambino Bracelet

For me, the thoughtfulness of such a precious gift to celebrate my most precious gift was very touching. 

In the collection is of course the diamond solitaire bracelet I first made for Enzo, then a sentimental heart, a cross with one single diamond, and super personalised - diamond monogram letter bracelets. Each jewellery piece is made in either 9ct yellow or white gold, and 12cm in length.  


Diamond Heart Bambino Bracelet

I hope these precious pieces are just as sentimental to you… x   

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