11th Feb 2015

I'm a tactile person. I like to touch and cuddle and feel closeness to those I love… it's part of who I am. My mum says even as a baby,  I would climb all over my sisters and her to cuddle and cover them in kisses. But it's not just a cuddle or hug from anyone … it's my 'people' that I want the hug from. 

For sometime now I've been thinking how can I express these two aspects, love and touch.  What could I create that expresses both touch and the love you have.  I wanted a piece of jewellery that I could touch, play with in my fingers, a tactile piece that subconsciously reminded of who I love so dearly.  So introducing….  The Touch Collection : The Touch of Love & The State Your Love.

Claire Aristides Touch Necklaces

I have designed two styles, the blank slate if you like, which is the canvas on which to 'State your Love'. These disc's are perfect for engraving initials, or a special message, another great idea is for us to set a small birthstone in the disc… lots of beautiful ways to state your love.  Then a language that fascinates me in its beauty and incredible significance. The braille script, truly incredible.  Powerful and vital for many.  Each 'Touch of Love' disc has 'LOVE' in braille set in diamonds on the disc. 


Both styles I have made in yellow gold and white gold… I wear the yellow gold at the moment as I'm back to my yellow gold obsession ..  but the white gold is lovely stacked with other diamond necklace.  I hope you like this collection and you find as much love and meaning…. as I have.