TREND UPDATE: Necklace Layering

2nd Aug 2017

“Layering – it's like creating a story. Each necklace adds a new dimension to your look.”  ~ Claire Aristides.                            

Necklace layering is a visual art form ... Beautifully mixing different necklaces to create your own story ... 

Here are our 10 fave diamond layered necklines (as seen on Instagram).

Diamond  SolitairePlate and  Bar set in Yellow Gold.

Diamond  EclipseTwo Letter Diamond Monogram  and  Lariat set in Yellow Gold.

Diamond  Solitaire  and  Bar set in White Gold.

Diamond  Solitaire,  Monogram and  Bar set in Yellow Gold.

3D Diamond Monogram and  Bar set in Yellow Gold.

Petite Disc set in Yellow Gold.

Diamond Bar set in Yellow and White Gold.

Diamond Solitaire and Lariat set in Yellow Gold.

Diamond Solitaire set in White  and Yellow Gold.

Diamond  Solitaire, Bar  and  Petite Disc set in Yellow Gold.

Start layering your diamond necklaces ... View our full Diamond Necklace Collection here.