Blue Celestite Geode Stone Large

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Blue Celestite is a gentle crystal with an uplifting vibration. It’s known to ease stress and worry by calming fiery emotions and feelings of overwhelm. It inspires stillness and facilitates meditation, by enhancing focus, patience, and tranquillity. Blue Celestite brings balance and optimism, helping to heal sadness and despair.   The soft and gentle blue energy of the Celestite stone is ideal for healing and clearing the throat chakra. The Celestite crystal soothing and calming energy, makes it the perfect stone to aid in restful sleep.

When working with Celestite to calm your mind or prepare for sleep, use the following Crystal Mantra : “I am calm” or “I am ready for sleep”.

Chakra :  Throat  |  Elements :  Air  |  Zodiac : Gemini

Stones Sold Individually
Dimensions : 9cm * 11cm