'Peace and Strength' Purple Amethyst Affirmation Bracelet x Mindology.App

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Our words are powerful.   Affirmations are a powerful and meaningful way to steer our mindset, to strengthen feelings of inner peace and inner strength  The 'PEACE and STRENGTH' Affirmations and Purple Amethyst stones are threaded on an adjustable cord.  Wear your bracelets each day and remind yourself of all you desire in your life.

Your purchase includes :
* 1 'PEACE' Bracelet and 1 'STRENGTH' Bracelet both set with Purple Amethyst gemstones
* 12-months premium access to MINDOLOGY.APP.
* Mindology Affirmation Journal - journal to write your affirmations.

Your purchase also includes 12-months premium access to the MINDOLOGY.APP, an empowered mindset app to calm and empower you. The app includes hypnotherapy meditations for SLEEP, CONFIDENCE & SELF-BELIEF, CALMER MIND and SELF-DEVELOPMENT WORKBOOKS.  Once you have placed your order you will receive log in details to access the app. Premium access to the Mindology.App is valued at USD$49.  Your bracelets purchase includes free access.  

Amethyst helps US to think clearly and not let your emotions cloud our judgment. Amethyst can help you to build clarity around emotions, to learn to understand them, to acknowledge them and then set them aside to act and make decisions with a clearer head.  

When working with Purple Amethyst to empower, you could use the following affirmation statements :  "I choose peace in my life" or 'I am stronger than I think'.

Affirmation Bracelets worn with 2.00 ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet