Welcoming Futurae Diamonds - Lab Grown Diamonds

Welcoming Futurae Diamonds - Lab Grown Diamonds

We are thrilled to welcome Futurae Diamonds Lab Diamond Fine Jewellery collection to the Aristides Fine Jewels family.   Futurae Diamonds fine jewellery collection is made with the certified lab grown diamonds. The capsule collection features a range of Lab Diamond EarringsLab Diamond NecklacesDiamond Rings and Lab Diamond Engagement Rings. 

Read our FAQ to learn more about Futurae Diamonds Lab Diamond Fine Jewellery Collection :

Lab-grown diamonds, also referred to as man-made or lab-created diamonds, are grown in controlled laboratory environments using highly sophisticated and advanced technology. The process replicates the growing conditions of diamonds produced in the earth. Lab diamonds are made of exactly the same optical and chemical properties as earth-created diamonds. The sparkle is the same, and the only difference is their creation process.

Just as there is variation in earth-created diamonds, there also is in lab-grown diamonds, both how they are created and how they are cut. We pride ourselves on selecting only the very best stones. We invest in IGI certified stones because we value quality and craftsmanship from one of the foremost diamond grading authorities in the world. Our diamonds are colourless to nearly colourless lab diamonds from D-H colour range to select from when creating your engagement ring.

Lab-created diamonds are genuine diamonds, and they will test positive on a diamond tester with the same chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds. If you were to place lab-grown diamond ring next to earth-created diamond rings, you would not be able to see a difference.

Expert gemologists cannot tell the difference between the two with the naked eye, and a lab-grown diamond can only be distinguished from mined diamonds using specific equipment. This equipment can detect minor differences in trace elements and crystal growth. An earth diamond and lab diamond are physically and chemically identical, and the process in which they are polished and cut is the same too.


Moissanite is a different mineral and stone from lab-created diamonds, with a completely different look and hardness rating. Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite are diamond simulants, and they might look similar to diamonds but are not true carbon crystals. They do not have the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds and sell at much lower prices. Simulants can be distinguished from earth or lab-grown diamonds to the naked eye.

Mined and lab-grown diamonds have thermal conductivity properties that differentiate them from cubic zirconia with a handheld diamond tester. Gemologists can distinguish between a diamond and moissanite stone due to their differing refractive properties, with Moissanite being double refractive and diamonds being single refractive.

We do not work with Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite for any of our collections, our range is exclusively made with lab diamonds.

HOW ARE LAB DIAMONDS MADE? WHAT ARE THE CVD AND HPHT LAB DIAMOND GROWING METHODS?There are two methods for lab diamond creation, High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition). CVD is a newer technology and is the preferred process to produce a quality, genuine diamond.

Futurae Diamonds only work with lab-grown diamonds which are created using the CVD process. It generally takes about one month to grow a 1ct CVD diamond. Creating lab diamonds requires a unique and innovative process that starts with a thin ‘seed’ diamond placed inside a chamber, which is then subjected to intensely high temperatures. This is followed by introducing a carbon-rich gas mixture to the chamber, and these gases are ionized to break down their molecular bonds. This process allows the pure carbon to attach itself to the diamond seed, and as the carbon builds up, it forms atomic bonds with the seed diamond, resulting in the formation of a new, larger diamond. A diamond identical to earth-mined diamonds.

We exclusively use CVD Lab Diamonds for our lab-grown diamond engagement rings, selecting only the most optimal stones for our jewellery designs.

Yes, indeed, exactly as a earth diamond can be insured, a lab-grown diamond design can be valued and insured also.

Futurae Diamonds also offer a bespoke design service so please do get in touch for more information.

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